Megan Tria Andrews graduates with 2nd Masters Degree
Megan Tria Andrews, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Andrews graduated on May 17, 2012 with a Masters Degree in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis on Native American Studies from U.C. Berkeley. This is her second Masters Degree, the first one earned from San Diego State University in Creative Writing. Congratulations Tria, we are so proud of you!
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Averyl Andrews Graduates with MBA
Averyl Andrews, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Andrews and Pinewood Karate black belt, graduated from the USF on Friday, December 16, 2011 with a master's degree in business administration. She is continuing to work as a buyer for Sephora in their corporate headquarters in San Francisco. Congratulations Averyl, we are very proud of your accomplishments.
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Students Pass Grueling Black Belt Test
On August 28, 2011 four top Pinewood Karate students passed a grueling test to become the newest elite Black Belts. Congratulations to Pinewood Karate Black Belts Areli Hernandez, Anthony Hernandez, Armando Hernandez and Janet Rojas.
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Welcome Back Sensei Daniel
Sensei Daniel E. Andrews IV is 24 years old and is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Andrews. Daniel is a third degree black belt and has been teaching several days a week at Pinewood Karate.

His classes have been very well received by Pinewood Karate students. Daniel was virtually "born on the mat" having started his martial art training as an infant.

Daniel, along with his three older sisters, was one of the founding members of the Pinewood Karate Club.

Pinewood Karate was started in the Andrews' backyard at their home in Brown's Valley in 1989.

Recently a karate student asked what he could do to earn his black belt. Daniel replied, "Come to my class!"

Daniel invites you and your friends to come join in the fun. We hope to see you there!
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Sensei Laurie Andrews leads team at Relay for Life.
Sensei Laurie Andrews again led the charge with an outstanding fund raising effort at Napa Valley's recent Relay for Life. This yearly event was held on July 30, 2011 at the Napa College. This important event raises funds for cancer research. Laurie's team members were students of Pinewood Karate and the Napa Valley School of Massage. The group included four Pinewood Karate black belt candidates. Congratulations to all the students who gave their time and effort to help others.
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Inside Kung Fu Magazine
The September 2009 issue of Inside Kung Fu magazine features an interview with Pinewood Karate founder Dr. Daniel E. Andrews III. The article was written by respected author and Inside Kung Fu Magazine contributor, Greg Thompson. The article is entitled "Kneed to Know" and discusses knee injury prevention. This article will be of interest to Pinewood Karate students and Black Belt Healers.
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Laurie Raises Money for Cancer Research
Many thanks to Pinewood Karate black belt and yoga therapist Laurie Andrews for her outstanding efforts at the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" held at the Napa Valley College on July 25, 2009. Almost singled handedly Laurie held down the Pinewood/Napa Valley School of Massage booth. (Our son Dan IV and I helped her set up and break down the booth). Laurie provided dozens of free chair massages to participants at the all day event. The money given to Laurie for chair massage was donated to the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research. Congratulations to Laurie and all the Relay for Life volunteers for doing such an outstanding job.

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New book for Black Belt Healers
A new book for Black Belt Healers will be published in the spring of 2010. This book was written by David Nelson, PhD and is entitled, "Black Belt Healing."

I was asked to review the book. I wrote the following testimonial that will appear on the book’s cover:

“In his clinical practice, David Nelson, PhD helps many people suffering with chronic pain. After years of experience, as a martial artist and psychologist, he wrote this outstanding book to share his healing secrets with you. I recommend this book to any martial artist who is interested in helping others.”

Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D.

Pinewood Karate / Black Belt Healers
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Congratulations to Maestro Paul Reyes
On May 7, 2009, Pinewood Karate fencing master, Paul Reyes was awarded an honorary black belt.

Congratulations Maestro and thank you for a lifetime of dedication to teaching the way of the sword.

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"Kung Fu" returns for Movie Night
Pinewood Karate hosted another successful Movie Night on April 17, 2009.

The original "Kung Fu" TV pilot was the featured movie. This classic was first aired on TV in 1972. At that time most Americans had never heard of kung fu. Today of course, kung fu is a well known Chinese martial art.

Pinewood Karate students had a very good time at Movie Night and learned something about kung fu (the martial art) and Chinese culture.

Funds raised at Movie Night will be donated to purchase karate uniforms for Pinewood Karate students in India.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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Dr. John Stowers Awarded Black Belt
Dr. John Stowers was awarded a Black Belt at a special ceremony held on April 9, 2009 at Pinewood Karate Headquarters in Napa. John and his wife Enid are both emergency room physicians in Great Falls, Montana. John has trained in karate for more than twenty years. Congratulations to John for his outstanding accomplishment.

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Pinewood Karate & Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Laurie Andrews announced this week that Pinewood Karate will be Napa's official "drop site" for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) beginning with the 2009 Harvest. This healthy, organic produce is grown locally in Suisun Valley. Please talk to Laurie if you are interested in receiving a weekly box of organic produce. Your box of fresh vegetables and herbs will be delivered each week to Pinewood Karate.
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Featured International Pinewood Karate Kids
This month we are very pleased to announce two outstanding international Pinewood Karate Kids. Evilasio Alves Da Silva is an 8 year old Brazilian boy. He lives with his parents in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil. We are hopeful that some day Evilasio will be able to train with us at Pinewood Karate headquarters in Napa. Our newest Pinewood Karate kid is Amy Sarr who lives in the countryside with her family in Senegal (Africa). She belongs to the Serer tribe. We welcome Amy to Pinewood Karate and look forward to meeting her in person.

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Pinewood Karate Taught in India
Pinewood Karate second degree black belt Selvam M. announced that he has started teaching Pinewood Karate in his home city of Chennai, India. He is teaching small children in an orphanage. In a related note, Pinewood Karate's chief instructor, Eric Williams plans a fund raiser (movie night) at Pinewood Karate to help purchase uniforms for the students in the orphanage.
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Congratulations Black Belts!
Congratulations to the following Pinewood Karate Black Belts who were advanced at the belt test held on 2/21/09. Eric Williams (second degree), Selvam M. (second degree), Haley Rojas (first degree) and Jeff Foley (first degree).
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