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"..a skillful method of adjusting and restoring"     

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    Seifukujitsu is a term derived from three Chinese characters that mean "whole and complete" + "to recover what was lost" + "skilled art or method."
The Japanese translation of seifukujitsu is "a skillful method of adjusting and restoring.

From an energy standpoint, seifukujitsu methods imply techniques to straighten up the hara or to adjust internal energy. These time proven methods of seifukujitsu also can be said to "break down the old and build up the new. In old Japan, martial art sensei used seifukujitsu to deal with various muscle, tendon and bone injuries that occurred during training.

The healing techniques of seifukujitsu have been practiced in Japan for over twelve hundred years. Although many people mistakenly believe that seifukujitsu is limited to restorative massage, it actually includes treatment for sprains, strains and non-displaced fractures.

In addition to restorative massage, the art of seifukujitsu also includes the use of water treatments (hydrotherapy) for healing. Steam room treatments, hot packs and high pressure spray from a fire nozzle are some of the methods used.
Japanese seifukujitsu practitioners once used wooden tubs for soaking the entire body. The old wooden seifukujitsu tubs are now gone, replaced by modern stainless steel tanks.

Unfortunately, seifukujitsu healing methods are no longer taught in most martial art schools.
While karate, jiu jitsu and judo schools teach self defense techniques, it is rare to find a martial art school that teaches seifukujitsu. This is a sad fact since seifukujitsu was once considered a "high art" practiced only by advanced practitioners of the martial arts. According to Dr. Andrews, "In Japan, just forty years ago, a person with a sprained ankle would go to an old judo teacher to be treated. All those old sensei are now gone. Today, most Japanese people have never heard of the word, "seifukujitsu".

Black Belt Healing is the new term that has emerged to replace the older name (seifukujitsu). Martial artists trained in Black Belt Healing are certified as Black Belt Healers. Black Belt Healing is a more appropriate term since the word seifukujitsu is hard to spell, hard to pronounce and most people (including Japanese) don't know what it means.

Dr. Andrews founded the Napa Valley School of Massage (approved by California's Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education) in 1998 to teach Restorative Massage to his Pinewood Black Belts. He then developed the world's first and only course for Black Belt Healers. After over 35 years of training in the martial arts and over 30 years practicing medicine he was uniquely qualified to reintroduce the lost art of Black Belt Healing.
In this outstanding online course on Black Belt Healing, students are taught the ancient techniques of seifukujitsu as well as modern healing methods.

When asked how he uses Black Belt Healing to help his patients, Dr. Andrews said, "I use Black Belt Healing at the Heart and Health Center everyday to help patients".

Students enrolled in the Black Belt Healer's program work directly with me treating actual patients. The students start learning Black Belt Healing online and then come to California's Napa Valley for their two-week Intensive Internship.
During the Black Belt Healer's two week Intensive Internship student learn the art of restorative massage, medical gymnastics, hydrotherapy, hygiene and the underlying principles of anatomy and physiology. They are also taught taping, splinting, old kappo and the ancient aspects of seifukujitsu including bone manipulation and use of the kimono roller gauze. Individuals who successfully complete the 27 online lessons in Black Belt Healing and the two-week Intensive Internship are awarded a 200 hour diploma in Restorative Massage from the Napa Valley School of Massage as well as a prestigious diploma recognizing him as a Black Belt Healer.

Click here to link to an interview with Dr. Andrews on the ancient art of seifukujitsu and Black Belt Healing.

You can learn more about seifukujitsu with the worlds first online course produced by Black Belt Healers


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